Power Stars

Power Stars

Slot machine test: power stars

With "Power Stars ™", you have the possibility to play a fruit slot that has more on the ball than it appears at first glance. "Power Stars ™" has indeed a special wild symbol, it often times a free game is to win. From time to time so again good chances of winning. Thematically, you get it to do slot machines with fruits that are healthy for your deposit account at best in this Naidoo. You can play "Power stars ™" among others in the Star Games Casino. Although the slot has not the whole range of bonus features, but he with his built-in functions can be seen already, just in its genre "Power Stars ™" stands out pleasantly. If you've got a round fruit turning fancy, you can directly go.

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"Power Stars ™" throws at first glance not just with features to, so there is quite find also. There are also special features. Usually, the winning lines from left to right must be made into the Naidoo slots. In this slot, there is also the possibility of counting rows from right to left. So begins a winning line on the first or the fifth reel. This increases the chances of winning greatly.

There are 10 winning lines, invite you to be occupied. A winning line is formed from identical symbols and should not be interrupted by other motives. In the best case, several paylines in a round provide for profits that are then added. How much profit is finally actually depends on the length of the line off, but also by the usage and the respective subject.

The different ways of counting the power stars symbols

The fruit symbols are partly different. It is positive that with each winning line on every case at least the use again is recorded, which is not of course in any slot machines. Cherries and lemons have the smallest value. Even if a series of three oranges and plums as count much, there are higher profits but for longer series. It is even more lucrative for the account if using plums and watermelons to series. Here it returns at least double use as winning three identical symbols. Still not counting multiple payline.

Really good going to your account, if the 7 or the Bell in a round are. With the 7, there can be one hundred times the use as profit five same symbols. The Bell is half so much worth, but still very good for the account.

The major feature in "Power Stars ™" is the star, stating that the game was also named. This can appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 and substitutes for other symbols as the Joker. But not enough, as soon as a star on one of the rollers is displayed, so that the entire roll is populated. Next, there is then a free play, where the star roller stops and you get so much good odds, theoretically even with yet another free play.

Slot machines instructions power stars ™

Games you can "Power stars ™", for example, in the Star Games Casino free, however, there are also real profit only with genuine usage. At the beginning of a round, you specify the usage. You do nothing, will be played automatically to the current usage. This also applies to the auto-start mode, which but again can be terminated any time.

If the profit should convince you not so much, there is still the Naidoo typical gamble feature, in this case the risk of card. Tapping on red or black and if you are right, just your win is doubled. In theory even multiple times. However you can lose as well rounds winning this again, why the cards a risk worth more for small WINS.

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